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What can Mermeida do for you?


Mermeida Components:

  • Red Algae  >>  fatty acids found in red marine algae help each hair strand to rebuild itself and grow stronger.
  • Chlorella >> a super nutrient that accelerates the production of keratin(the primary component found in hair) & treats wear & tear on the hair cuticle.
  • Squalane  >> derived from vegetables and acts as a conditioner to make strands soft, shiny & protected from harmful elements.
  • Sea Fennel  >>  a component with a unique cell structure, allowing maximum penetration of antioxidant peptides.
  • Odorless fish oil (from Atlantic Salmon) >>  nourishes hair & restores luster, strength and elasticity.

Mermeida Perks:

  • Hair goes from hard to soft
  • Hair goes from limp to plump
  • Hair goes from not growing to growing
  • Hair goes from dull to illustrious
  • Hair goes from frizzy to texturized
  • Hair goes from stiff to floppy
  • Made for every ethnicity
  • Designed for COARSE hair textures.


In 2016, Mermeida launched a 6 month case study.  In the study, 100 participants used Mermeida original Mermaid moisturizer and followed the Mermeida mermaid calendar for styling, cutting, cleansing and moisturizing.  The results are posted below.

  • 92% reported a dramatic improvement in the texture and elasticity of their hair.
  • 94% reported that the Mermeida method grew their hair longer.
  • 92% reported minimal breakage and tangling.
  • 100% reported that Mermeida saved their hair and unlocked its true potential.