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Which ethnicity benefits most from Mermeida? Mermeida is designed for individuals who have coarse, unruly, wooly-type hair. We aren't geared toward any particular ethnicity. If you've got poofed/frizzy hair that won't grow long or get silky straight, this product will be your holy grail.
How many uses can I expect to get out of each bottle? Most customers report to getting 2 months out of each bottle.
Why does Mermeida require heat? The Mermeida calendar asks that you use heat ONCE per month.  This is because our marine formula is activated by heat in order to lock in ocean minerals and proteins into your hair shaft.  Mermeida prevents heat damage with our patent-pending components so don't worry about putting stress on your hair.
Can MERMEIDA be used on relaxed, permed or color treated hair? Yes! In fact, we encourage it. Mermeida's marine ingredients have the power to naturally reverse chemical damage caused from relaxers, perms & bleach.  All we ask is that you do your chemical routine BEFORE beginning the Mermeida method.
Does Mermeida permanently alter
one's hair texture?
With continued use, Mermeida will soften and strengthen your hair so that it can grow as long as biologically possible.  Our product makes your hair healthier and more manageable.
What's the turn around time on an order? Due to increased demand, please allow us 4 days to process your order. 
Are Mermeida products cruelty free? We do not test our products on animals. We test our products on fashionistas who volunteer to rate our product's effectiveness. This is why our products work so well.
How will I know if Mermeida is working? After one use you will be able to see and feel a difference in your hair's appearance and texture. With continued use, you will notice increased length, decreased frizz, less tangling and less breakage.
When will I start seeing results? After one use you will be able to see and feel a difference in your hair's texture and appearance. More advanced results such as growth and durability come with continued use.
Must I follow the Mermeida calendar? You don't have to but why not follow a method that's scientifically proven to perform? Our case study reports show that nearly 100% of our subjects seen drastic results when following the Mermeida calendar.
Why do I have to shake the product before using? We have tried to keep the product as simple as possible and therefore we avoided emulsifying agents which can be harmful to your hair due to chemical buildup.  Mermeida was designed to quickly penetrate the hairs haft and with thickeners, this wasn't achievable.


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