If you relax, perm or color-treat your hair, this should be done first!  Remember that Mermeida reverses damage done by all three of these chemical processes so it's best to do the damage and then undo it with Mermeida. 

Mermeida is very easy to use.  Follow the instructions below for best results.  Adhere to the Mermeida calendar, included in your package for long & healthy hair.



1.  Wash and condition hair.  Detangle while damp.
2.  Section hair into 2 sections and secure each section with an elastic band
3.  Take one section loose.
5.  Spray the solution onto that section in entirety. Use fingers to make sure that the product is evenly distributed. Note: Mermeida needs to be shaken often during use.

6.  From one of the 2 parted sections, use your fingers to pull apart a small section starting at the nape.
7.  Use a blow-dryer and a round bristle brush to blow the damp section straight.  EXPERT TIP:  It's best to begin at the ends of hair to avoid unnecessary breakage.
8.  Once section is silky smooth, move onto the next section
9.  Repeat on remaining sections

Feel the silkiness that can only be experienced with Mermeida products.

To keep hair growing and moisturized, shake Mermeida well and apply to hair in compliance with the Mermeida calendar.  Mermeida is nothing but goodness for you hair, so if you'd like to create your own schedule for applying Mermeida, feel free to do so!  It can be applied daily.  Whatever sails your boat.

-Results are generally seen on the first day.  Hair will gradually improve with continued use.
-For those who wonder why heat is necessary, we are happy to explain!  Mermeida's aquatic formula utilizes heat to embed each hairstrand with the necessary nutrients to sustain hair's durability.  We guarantee that Mermeida blowouts will get your hair silkier and straighter than any product on the market.  To sustain the luxurious feel, apply product daily (without heat).  When it's time to wash your hair, repeat the instructions above.


The model below will show you how to use Mermeida on HEAT DAYS specified on the Mermeida calendar!