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Mermeida Original Moisturizer (Shake & Spray)

Mermeida Original Moisturizer (Shake & Spray)


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DISCLAIMER:  Mermeida Original makes your hair so long & beautiful, people will assume it's fake.

Mermeida is an award winning aquatic product that contains a proprietary blend of marine plants including aquatic components like seaweed, red algae and fish oil.  Our dynamic daily leave-in moisturizer is tested and effectively demonstrates profound results in regards to lengthening and beautifying your hair.

With consistent use of Mermeida Original, users will find that:

  • Hair goes from hard to soft
  • Hair goes from limp to plump
  • Hair goes from not growing to growing
  • Hair goes from dull to illustrious
  • Hair goes from frizzy to texturized
  • Hair goes from stiff to floppy
  • Made for every ethnicity
  • Designed for COARSE hair textures.


What Mermeida Original does for your hair.


Mermeida Original “shake” moisturizer is our best-selling leave-in conditioner.  Our multi-use, emollient rich, light-weight formula eliminates the common barriers that stand in the way of you achieving your longest & most manageable hair possible.


Softens dry, rough hair


  Rebuilds elasticity


Drenches hair with hydration


Reverses chemical and heat damage


Prevents future chemical and heat damage


Gives hair a healthier, youthful look



A breakdown of Mermeida Original's formula

By combining 4 of the most moisture-packed components on the planet, we have created another rare, robust, 5 star formula.  Your revitalizing product is topped off with a fine-mist sprayer which allows you targeted access to the most damaged sections of your hair.




Bulgarian Rose Water


Replenishes lost moisture


Fruit, nut and fish oils (proprietary blend)


Locks in moisture, softens and protects hair from heat damage.

Active Ginseng


Promotes & accelerates healthy hair growth

Algae Marine Extracts


Plumps hair strands and boosts growth


Every product that we manufacture withholds awesome enchanted hacks that stylists and customers use to get the most out of their product! Here are some magic tricks that you can use with Mermeida Original Moisturizer!


Mermeida Original Magic Hacks

Blow-out Magic with Mermeida Original



Apply product to each section of hair before you blow it out for unthinkable, locked-in silkiness and heat-protection.


Braid out Magic with Mermeida Original



Use product before braiding your hair for soft, subtle, moisturized waves.

Leave in Deep-Penetrating Moisturizer with Mermeida Original



You’ll need:  

-A satin scarf

-A shower cap

-A styling or banana clip


1.        Before you take a shower Apply Mermeida original to your hair until hair strands feel soft and bendable (remember to shake well before and during use)

2.        Neatly secure hair with a banana or styling clip (if hair is still too short, skip the clip)

3.        Wrap your hair snugly with a satin scarf

4.        Put a shower cap on over-top of your head wrap.

5.        Take a shower

6.        Remove shower cap and scarf.